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Secure your home/Office/Surroundings with Security cameras to monitor 24/7. Your residence is your fortress, and it’s one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. Keeping it safe and secure with Security Devices is a top priority of many landlords. Thanks to advances in smart home technology and home mechanization Security Devices, you can now monitor your Security Devices like CCTV Camera, Internet Protocol Camera (IP Camera) , Spy Camera, Hidden Camera , WiFi Model Camera , WiFi Auto Rotate Camera, Wireless Video Door Phone Camera, Auto Rotation Surveillance Camera, WiFi Dual Antenna Camera, WiFi Smart net Auto Head Camera and more, no matter at which Location you are in the world. You can Monitor 24/7 with this Cool Devices.

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Security Devices and Its features

Most of the Security Devices comes with Night vision, Motion detection, Push notifications and more – the options are endless on Security Devices when it comes to keeping tabs on what’s happening in your home. You can have peace of mind all at the touch of a button now. Best part is you can install these Security Devices on your own(Do It Yourself). So, you don’t need to disburse more money to a security installation company or contractor. Internet Protocol Cameras are the best option if you are looking for unique Devices with latest invention of the Technology.

Types of the Security Devices at Shopguest

Security Devices have come a long way over the years, with today’s models featuring all the bells and whistles that allow for them to be fully united with Home Networking Systems and Security Devices. Of course you’ll want to ensure that whatever system you purchase is compatible with any mobile device you thought to use it with. The purpose of fulfilling your notion, Shopguest provides you The Security Devices like IP Cameras, Voice Recorders, Metal Detectors, Security Cameras, Water Proof Cameras, CCTV Camera Sets, and CCTV Camera Accessories from a wide range of Security Devices and Categories.

CCTV Camera Sets

CCTV Camera 4 Dome Camera Set with DVRRs.7,299.00*
CCTV Camera 1 Dome and 2 Bullet Set with 6 Months WarrantyRs.6,999.00*
CCTV Camera 2 Bullet Set and DVR with 6 Months WarrantyRs.5,999.00*
CCTV Camera 1 Bullet Camera Set with DVRRs.4,899.00*
CCTV Camera 11 Bullet Set and 5 Dome Camera Set with DVRRs.24,999.00*

Internet Protocol (IP Camera)

Model Rotate Camera with HD Lens & Build in MicrophoneRs.1,749.00*
Model Rotate Camera with HD Lens & Build in MicrophoneRs.1,749.00*
24/7 with this Robot Wi-Fi CameraRs.2,439.00*
Video Door Wireless Camera With Wakeup FunctionRs.4,399.00*
Wifi Smart Net Auto Head Rotating IP Camera with SD Card Slot & Inbuilt MicrophoneRs.1,419.00*
Wi-Fi Dual Camera with infrared TechnologyRs.3,479.00*
High Performance IP Camera with 1080 HD ResolutionRs.5,729.00*

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