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Celebrate the Love Festival with Shopguest Online:

Happy Valentines Day from Shopguest . Love is an unutterable feeling that unites two hearts together in a lifetime. While it exists in every relationship, the love between a couple has many distinct flavors that make it worthy of some special event.

The Day Magic Happens :

Exactly that’s why we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, “A day to express love”. No matter whether you are single, committed, newly married or been together for years, Shopguest helps you to celebrate the day and recreate the magic of all the good times spent together.

Why is Valentines Day Celebrated?

The day is celebrated to the honor of the great Saint Valentine. At the time of the king of Rome had prohibited his soldiers from the “right to love” and “right to marriage”. It was St Valentine who revolted against the restraint. Slowly and progressively his message of love and hope spread all around the world, and the world started celebrating Valentine’s Day as The Day of Love, on 14th of February in each year.

The Week of Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is not just a single-day celebration, a whole week dedicated to the expression of love as love takes times to bloom.  Likewise, each day of valentine week holds a meaning that leads to the final day of the celebration. They’re : Rose Day (7th Feb), Propose Day (8th Feb), Chocolate Day (9th Feb), Teddy Day (10th Feb), Promise Day (11th Feb), Kiss Day (12th Feb), Hug Day (13th Feb), and lastly The Valentine’s Day or The Day of Love (14th Feb).

Best Valentines Day Gifts at Shopguest Online  :

Buy Amazing Teddy Bear and Heart Shaped Proposal Box and Attractive Red Rose with Golden Leaves for Valentine’s Day; propose your love in a charming way. Express your love with Lovely Heart with Lovely Roses, Twin Cute Teddy Bears and A Little Lighting Glass Bottle, Violet Teddy Bear and Mug with a Silver Spoon, Small Teddy Bear with Colorful Lighting Effects, Red/Blue/Gold/Pink/Violet Color Roses with Golden Leaves, Yellow Red/Pink/Sky-blue/ Blue Color Barberton Daisy flowers and lot more for Valentine’s Day from Shopguest.

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